Wednesday, April 22, 2009

he's just not that into you

this movie is awesome! enough said.

at first macam kurang paham sket jalan cite dia. tapi masok je second part terus dah paham. hehe seriously cite ni memang tersangat best. rasa macam tak puas je tengok huhu. saw this movie at one of the book store dekat jb about few months back. actually i found the book about this movie. i thought this movie already out some years back. but then, when i went back home and browse thru about this movie, it hasnt out in the movie yet. as stated in the website, this movie should be out at the end of march (if i'm not mistaken la). but then, tunggu punya tunggu tak gak keluar. then few weeks back i've been so busy sampai tak leh nak tengok what's new on the movie scene then yesterday i've bump into sumone's blog and realize that, that movie already out in the movie. without wait any further, terus booked tix kat gsc dataran pahlawan and went there last nite. as usual i watch that movie alone la. i love that way :) eventhough my body and soul a lil bit tiring but i still dont want to missed that movie. feels like watching again or maybe find the dvd for that movie hehe

so u guys out there, please do watch this movie. it's so damn hillarious, funny, romantic and .......... dunno wat to say la. sila la pegi tengok ye kawan2 hehe

*lepas tengok movie ni trus windu gile2 kat pujaan ati. haihhh

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