Wednesday, May 27, 2009

13th row from the screen

lately ni takde mood nak tulis blog. life a lil bit bz and hectic. new boss already came in and make few changes. some are good and some are so-so. the important thing is i can go back to my old unit. no more headache about managing human. fuhhh

feels like watching terminator salvation tonite but too tired to drive all the way to dataran pahlawan since last nite i'm having dinner at melaka town with my colleague. dun wanna stay at home tonite. kinda pening with the surrounding. feels like going back home pun ada jugak. got big game tonite, manutd vs barcelona. but i'm sure when i'm at home i will be not watching that game. definitely!

**yes already booked the ticket to watch terminator salvation for tomorrow show! 9.25pm+ 13th row from the screen... hell yeah!**


dLaarshad said...

bestnye nk g movie.nk ekot..

dLa said...

at last.update gak.penat tunggu..huhuhu..

gle xde keje tunggu ko hapdate..