Monday, June 29, 2009


there's something that's bother me much. i have this one BIG secret but i cant tell others not even my frens. it gives me an uneasy feelings. why la i cant think any further. i can see it coming but i'm too blind and too stupid to believe it. okeh cool down Yaya. it's not the end of the world. like you always said, "just go with the flow". *sigh*

sepatutnya aku ikut je advise staff aku soh amek coti arini. rasa macam takde semangat nak keje because of this BIG secret. last nite sleep at my fren's house at sungai udang. wake up 5.30 in the morning and go back to tampin at 6am. i feel so exhausted and cant focus on my work. it feels like i dont know what i'm supposed to do today. Please God help me go through with this BIG thing. i really need Your guidance rite now. i know what i did last week is something unaccepatable but human do make mistake. it really kills me rite now. i dont know what to do.

*i'm taking emergency leave tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. need to settle a lot of thing. hope that thing can be settle and i can live my life as it supposed to be. please pray for me. Amin


Zura Hilman said...

uisshhh....saspen btul bunyinyer yaya.... errrkk

Yaya Fadzil said...

memang saspen pon zura.. i've made a BIG mistake.. no turning back.. adoii!

dLaarshad said...

yaya..wut happen??!!

Yaya Fadzil said...

it's a long stori la babe.. i really-really cant tell you n it kills me alot!! *sigh*