Sunday, December 12, 2010

inai masih merah di jari?

of cos la still merah lagi kan. baru 8 days memegang title 'Puan' hehe (tapi dah hilang sket² sebab banyak sgt buat house chores)

well married life berbeza sangat-sangat. maklum lah dah biase hidup single. time bercintan-cintun dulu pun still berjauhan gak. sekali-sekala je dapat mendekat-dekat diri (ehem..) so dah terbiasa sangat hidup sorang-sorang. sebagai permulaan ni, memang ada banyak sangat masa untuk each other. seminggu tu. lepas ni dah kena start life back to normal. have to be a weekend husband @ wife. takpelah untuk sementara waktu ni kena korban sket. mungkin rezeki & nasib lebih banyak menyebelahi our side lepas kawen ni kan, who knows? ;)

last weekend event was a blast! eventhough too much of drama that had happen but nevermind. bukan rezeki kot. at first, things look so smooth & i thought that there will be any problem that i hafta face but i was wrong. on friday before the wedding day, my bridezilla attitude just came out. people who suppose to 'pasang' the khemah came late. the wedding is happening on saturday but they managed to came to my house and assemble all the khemah during noon? what the heck? then i'm supposed to get mt henna done by 5 pm since i'm having this 'malam berinai kecil' during the nite but they only managed to came to my house at 6-ish? i tried to call them at 3 pm but nobody is picking up the phone and i tried to call them like a millions of time. even try to sms them but still no reply, then call them using different numbers, still no one picking it up. later, when my sister start to 'bancuh' our own inai, they call me without feeling guilty and asked for my address. then, i cannot tahan anymore, i start to get angry and mad at them and they say that i have an attitude problem? come on la, you are the one who give me trouble then when i'm mad at you, you said that i have an attitude problem? this is what i don't like dealing with malays. is not that i'm against them but they have a serious problems in committing with their words and promises. but then, i didn't say sorry at all but i still want they to come to my house so that all my relatives will know who's i'm dealing with.

the next day, i started to rase cemas a lil bit. don't know whats wrong. sangat cemas okeh. when my photographer start to show up & my mak andam pun dah datang, i know this is it. nak makan pun dah tak lalu dah. tapi still need to eat. kalau tak mau pengsan mase menikah tu kang. hehe but after all, aku selamat menjadi isteri orng at 1030 am, 4th of december 2010. alhamdulillah. eventhough that day a lil bit rainy and some of my friends couldn't make it to my wedding plus with the kompang team cancel for d last minute (nasib baik tak bayo deposit lagik), but i feel blessed with this ceremony since i've got a gorgeous outfit (nikah & sanding) and jeng jeng jeng my pelamin is super duper gorgeoussss. thanks to my beloved aunt, mak ijah for the deco. really, really, really luv it! ;)

but after all the honeymoon phase (this time) is coming to an end soon. tomorrow dah start keje balik & beloved husband has gone back to his hometown huwaaaaaa sedih! takpelah mane tau kot ade rezeki lebih lepas kawen ni dia dpt transfer lebih dekat lagi kan hehe next week, my turn to go to in law house and mingle around with the relatives over there. ouhh can't wait! ;)

*sangat bahagia bila bangun pagi, sebelah kita ade orang lain especially beloved one ehemmm*

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