Tuesday, January 25, 2011


baru sedar yang my man and i belum ade peluang untuk menikmati our officical honeymoon. wahh setelah berkahwin for almost 2 months tapi still takde kesempatan. the plan was, 2 days after our wedding last december, we wanted to go to penang so bad. actually it was me who wanted to go to penang so bad. my man doesn't care at all. if we don't have our honeymoon pun it's ok for him. membazir kata dia. but i still wanna plan for the honeymoon right after we got married. kenapa penang? kenapa tak kat tempat lain yang lebih romantik contohnya macam di pulau-pulau? sebabnya, aku tak suke tempat-tempat yang romantik ni. setakat pegi pulau tengok pemandangan ape semua baik tengok gambar kat poskad je haha aku suke pegi tempat-tempat yang aku boleh shopping macam orang gile! ngeeee

i already took 2 weeks annual leave (few days before the wedding and a week after that) just to enjoy our first honeymoon together as husband and wife. we plan that no need to booked any hotel room, just go there, find a comfy budget hotel then we can explore penang by ourselves. i planned to go to batu feringghi just for the sake to buy few dvd just to add the collections. i already picture everything in my mind on what we supposed to do on the first day, second day and third day. but unfortunately, impian tersebut tidak kesampaian. there's a problem occur right after we got married and we have to postponed our plan. nasib baik takde berniat nak booked hotel bagai. kalau tak, rugi je kan. and sampai sekarang ni pun kitorang still belum menikmati our honeymoon. just hangout and melepak kat rumah je. ntah bile agaknye nak pegi honeymoon pun taktau la. with the baby coming probably by october this year- insya Allah, my man just got his new job early this month, i don't think we can have our honeymoon anytime soon. maybe we can plan it end of this year and bring along together our new born baby! yeayyy can't wait! ;)

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