Monday, January 5, 2009

wat i wanna achieve for the year of 2009 (or maybe b4 i'm turning 26)

hohhh all of sudden i hate my job. bleh tak? 2009 baru je 5 hari tapi i started to hate my job. it's not that i have issues wif sumone or sumthing at my office but i felt that way. no offence to anybody cuz i know sumbody from me office will read this blog. i felt that i still cant understand my job scope. it's kinda annoyed for me and when i started to hate my job, i will also to start to hate myself and my life.

well enuff said bout the hate thingy. wat i wanna write in this entry is wat i wanna achieve for this 2009 and some of the thing i wanna achieve b4 i'm turning 26 this year.. yeahhh let's check it out:

- i wanna have more knowledge especially regarding my job scope.

- i wanna be more close to my Creator, Allah s.w.t. i feel that 2008 gives more luck in my life but i forgot about that good thing comes from my Creator. maybe sbb 2008 aku byk leka dengan duniawi. so hopefully this 2009, aku akan lebih balance dalam life aku either in duniawi or utk rohani skali pun. i wanna read more Yasin (not even during friday nights only) and Quran. Amin..

- i wanna start reading books again, i mean MORE books. any kind of books either it is from chic lit, romance or even books on how to enhance ur life, mcmane nak jadik cepat kaya or the mind of the ceo maybe. by reading more, definitely i will add on some new knowledge and my vocabulary.

- i wanna use english more frequently in my daily life. biarla org nak cakap poyo ke ape janji aku nak jadik better than last year.

- i wanna buy more books rather than shoes, clothes or bags. i wanna save sum of me money on the things that will gives me life more meaningful.

- i wanna stop talking about craps, i mean the unimportant things in life. it doesnt gives any benefits to me pun kan. maybe because too much talking bout craps makes me soo stupid and cant think of any knowledgable things. sebab tu la aku ni benak sangat nak terima benda-benda berilmiah ni. haihhh laa

- i wanna be more ramah tamah and start thinking positive all the time. maybe last year i already achieved some of it but only half way laa. so this year, will try my best to do it thru out the year. Yeahhh!!

- i wanna stop worrying about simple-simple thing. lantak la ape nak jadi kan. asek dok pikir pasal hati dan perasaan orang je tapi perasaan aku takde sape pon yang dok sebok nak jage. hmmm

- i wanna watch more football and national geographic channel. haihhh i missed a lot of things about my favourite football team, ManUtd. so hopefully yhis year i will add on more info about them. for the national geographic thingy, saje je nak tambah knowledge on that. aku kagum gila dengan orang yang boleh cerita pasal benda-benda yang dorang tgk dr tv. kagumm!!

- i wanna be more fresh and healthier than last year. that means less sleep this year. tido je buat badan aku rasa mcm tak sehat and lemau je sentiasa. i wanna jog every w/end and excercise more!! =)

- less cursing-cursing this year. mulut kena jaga and sebot menda-menda yang elok-elok je. *wink wink*

updated on jan 6, 2009 @ 7.26am (add on 'i wanna') hehe

- pada hari-hari bekerja, nak datang awal n balik lambat. nak settle all d work yg pending or progress immediately. nak settle all d work if bleh 3 days b4 deadline.. Yeahhh

- pada hari-hari tidak bekerja, nak bangun seawal mungkin n melakukan activity yg menyihatkan badan i.e jogging @ senaman asas. nak fit n be ready for my DPA nnt.. haha poyo!

rasa-rasanya tu jela kot. tibe-tibe macam tak leh nak berfikir plak. malam tadi rasenye macam banyak je impian yang nak di capai untuk tahun ni. takpelaa. if ada nanti i'll add up some more. nak sebok buat assignment plak. jumaat dah kena hantar dah. fuhhhh

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Lina Azlina said...

may ur dreams come trueee...
hehe byk nye i wanna....
gudluck tayam