Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it ends tonite

2010 just around the corner. can't wait for that year to come. 2009 not so bad la but there is a lot of painful and miserable experience. well atleast i already achieved some of my 2009's resolutions. yeay! congratulations yaya. finally your life going to the rite direction.

early of the year, i've made some new year resolutions and one of it that i want to start to read again and buy as much books/novels as i can and i did it!! if i'm not mistaken, this year i managed to buy 20++ novels and i already read 7 of them! hebat kan? it's not bad la kan since i'm working and sometimes when i'm on leave, i got other things to do so 7 it's a good number though. few of the books that i bought is by meg cabot. and i enjoy every second reading meg cabot's writting. now i'm down to 13 books and can't wait to cuddle up with the books b4 i go to sleep.

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